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Another Fire - Fake Fake Eyes Remix

Zero Kelvin

During the course of mixing my song Another Fire for the Zero Kelvin project, Fake Fake Nick also produced a short remix of the song. It is now available for download from the Zero Kelvin page for your interest.

When I Wave Flags On Mountains

I have uploaded the lyrics to my newest song When I Wave Flags On Mountains, which was debuted at the gig in the Twisted Wheel, Glasgow on Sunday 14th December. Please peruse at your leisure

The Sigh And The Song / Planz

As some of you may be aware, I have two albums on the go at the moment. Of the two, The Sigh And The Song is closest to being finished. So despite it actually being the more recently started of the two albums, I plan to finish The Sigh And The Song first. This is mostly because working on two albums at the same time is a bit overwhelming and it leaves me not knowing what to do first. The hope is therefore that if I concentrate on the more complete of the two it will be easier to focus on tying it up, and when it is done I'll be freer to tackle the other one. I hope that is in some way clear.

The most important point is that there will be a new Deadman Bed album very soon. It will probably have fourteen tracks, making it my longest yet. When it is ready for release, you will be the first to know.

The only problem I will then have to face is that I have already started planning ANOTHER album to come after these two. So I'll have to resist the temptation of starting that one, especially since it is going to contain a lot of my live favourites! But I don't suppose I'll get round to that one until late 2009 at the earliest...

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