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The World Is Alone

The world is alone
There's nobody here but us
In this desolate zone
We'll never discover life
In this infinite void
We can search till we're blue in the face but
We'll still be alone
With nobody else to blame

Numerous well planned missions will venture into the gulf
And try to disprove that the world is alone
With ever increasing sophistication we will explore
And return with the truth that the world is alone

The world is alone
We can crown ourselves as kings
Cause we're all on our own
To cry ourselves to sleep
On our porcelain thrones
Separated from ourselves
In pre-determined roles
With no hope of breaking out

Our neighbours are right beside us but inaccessible
Our language divides us, the world is alone
Impenetrable borders keeping us tethered back to our homes
Our freedom is tragic, the world is alone

The world is alone
With a vacuum for a home, cause
The world is alone
In vast black emptiness and
The world is alone
An insignificant speck, yeah
The world is alone
In an ever-increasing nothingness

Lyrics and music: Gravis / Jackson [February 2008]