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Voices Speak To Me From The Trees

This week seems different somehow
Maybe I'll be able to pick up from where I was before
Or somewhere I've never been

Collecting my thoughts like spare change in a jar
Soon I'll put them together and buy a car
Well it's nothing special
Just an engine and four wheels
But I'll see how far it can take me

And if the road should end
Then I could walk for a mile or more
& trade my car for food and a good pair of boots

And if I get tired, I'll take a rest
And if I go to bed, I'll get undressed

And in the morning, if it's raining
I'll go outside, dance, get wet
Or swim on the flood plain
And dry my clothes by the fire
And as I sit, I'll play a song for you
Sing of words that don't make sense
And tales from long ago
And you and I can be alone my dear
On my own

Voices speak to me
From the trees, my dear
And with no truth;
In them I will place my hope, and smile

Lyrics and music: Jackson [2003]