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Trick Track Lift

The record label I started.
All Deadman Bed albums are free to download from the TTL website.

Other Projects

Myspace for my electronic side project.
Pet Hate The band I formed with my sister Bobo.

Good Artists Who Are Worthy Of Your Attention

The electro-post-rock solo project of the former frontman of The Makos.
El Dog Glasgow based four-piece who put the "Rrrrr" in rock.
Fake Fake Eyes My former band mate from The Science makes post rock awesomeness.
Little Red Ants Delicate electronica from everyone's friend Stoo.
Palace Ballet Emerging rock band with a touch of soul.
Phimy Ditties from the Phim master.
Piano Bar Fight Rock band fronted by the Glaswegian Morrisey.

Web, Coding

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