Are You Ready To Testify?

So, it came up recently: that most debated of pub conversations - is there such a thing as a perfect song? And if so, what could possibly come under such a category.

Generally, I am an album lover. The skill required in crafting 40 minutes of musical magic is becoming more and more apparent to me. Indeed, the subject of the perfect album is bound to come up sooner or later. But every now and again comes along a song which, irrespective of its context, sounds fantastic as a stand-alone entity. Sometimes it's a pop single which makes you believe in the power of simple lyrics and great melodies once again. Others are the album tracks which you skip straight to, or better yet, wait through the rest of the album in anticipation of their greatness. Either way it's the very essence of what keeps musicians and listeners alive [well, me anyway].

In collaboration with various friends and family, i've started to list what i believe to be perfect songs. Not just good, but perfect. It's bound to be a short list at first. I'm talking about the kind of thing which makes your hair stand on end, your stomach tremble and makes you believe if not in a god, then in some awesome superhuman power! I'm almost tempted not to bother putting the list up, seeing as it's such a personal thing.

But down with self-censorship. I'll probably have to immediately ingest my words, and that's ok. Nobody's perfect. The beauty of the gods which the classical architecture of the ancient greeks immitated is in some way brought back when you hear a perfect song. It's so unnatural that something could be that good. It's terrifying and exciting and mesmerising and invigorating. whew.

Some Perfect Songs
1. It's Coming Down Cake
2. Kashmir Led Zeppelin
3. Roxanne The Police
4. Buddy Holly Weezer
5. Hyperballad Björk
6. You Are Invited The Dismemberment Plan

OK this is already not very representatve so i'll update the list when i can think. Feel the fire!

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