Who Died And Made You The Oracle?

This is where I post articles on various topics which do not really constitute "News"

We Live For Thick Sunlight And Cold Snow Air

Liner notes from my second album, describing the evolution of the songs and how the album relates to Please Try.

Breach Of The Peach / Sinus Of The Times

Explanations and stories behind the songs from this collection of early recordings.

I Just Can't Get The Timing Right - The Squintro Phenomenon

One night a friend and i were talking about The Jam. Or maybe it was weird timing. Anyway, he brought up the fact that, when listening to Going Underground there was a point when going from the verse to the bridge where it seemed to lose a beat...

Are You Ready To Testify?

So, it came up recently: that most debated of pub conversations - is there such a thing as a perfect song? And if so, what could possibly come under such a category...

Don't Be Scared... Be Cool

The creation of mix tapes is becoming a lost art. As CDRs become incresingly cheaper more people than ever are turning to burning mix cds. I can understand this, as in many ways they are easier to make than a tape...